Tsai-Rung Wu


Wu Tsai Rung was born in Taipei City in 2008. In the late summer of 2014, she inadvertently encountered an old harmonica at her grandfather’s house and began her relationship with the harmonica. When she was in the first grade of elementary school, under the enlightenment of Teacher Chang Chao Teng, Tsai Rung gradually fell in love with this small and exquisite “pocket piano”!
She has been triumphing in various competitions. These include the Taiwan National Student Music Competition, Taiwan Harmonica Music Competition (THMC), Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival (APHF), and Seoul International Harmonica Festival (SIHF) in solo and ensemble categories.
She enjoys the surprises she gets while wandering between the notes when the rhythm is played on the top of the tongue. She enjoys the joy and feels touched with every breath. To her, a harmonica is not just a handy instrument but a good friend who accompanies her in her joys and sorrows and serves as a diary that records her every bit.
Aurora Wu 吳采容

User's Words

“Laelaps 64 Stellar is a masterpiece of exquisite and delicate craftsmanship. The dazzling gold exudes an invisible domineering yet noble look. The warmth brought by the wooden body turns the sharpness of the metal into a more emotional tone colour. The performance is defined in both the high range and low range. The wide and thick cover plate and the double-layer reed plates create a solid resonance. In addition to the practical use of positioning points on the cover plates, the angle of the joint with the mouthpiece is well adjusted, and the smoothness of the playing will not be affected by the thickness especially playing the Octave technique. Last but not least, the sensitivity of the slider and the reed system is excellent. The fast notes can be played smoothly. On the whole, it can control multiple genres at the same time has fashionable aesthetics. “