Frequently Asked Questions

Laelaps provides various models and customisation options to tailor-make the harmonica that matches your playing style. Each model serves different purposes. Here is some feedback from our previous buyers for your reference:
Laelaps 48: The Chromatic Harmonica Soloist. The 12-hole design allows more significant hand controllability and changes in tone colour.
Laelaps 56: The Classical Music Performer. The slightly wider tonal range and cleaner tone colour are more suitable for classical music.
Laelaps 64: The Harmonica Ensemble Player. The wide tonal range and its warm tone colour allow a more comprehensive ensemble arrangement. 

Laelaps is a harmonica brand that focuses on personalisation and hand-finishing to enhance playability.
The hard-won dexterity of the makers came from their extensive experience of harmonica using itself for uncountable performances.

Yes, at Laelaps we specialised in personalisation. We have the goal to deliver a harmonica that best suits you and enhances your distinctive playing style.
Laelaps makers offer personalised advice to help you choose a Laelaps harmonica that best suits you. Please consult us at:

Definitely. Laelaps Care accepts Laelaps harmonicas in need of attention. Please see our 

The shipping fee is determined by the items you purchase and the quantity of units. You will receive a shipping quote after submitting the purchase form.

Wooden cover plates absorb the excessive high-frequency which gives a mellower tone colour that is more suitable for playing sentimental rhythm.
Laelaps ONE provides a larger resonance space and a stable hand-grip. It gives a more solid and powerful tone colour compared to the wooden cover plates.

Yes. Laelaps ONE is designed to fit HOHNER and Suzuki 16-hole Chromatic Harmonicas. The compatible models are:
HOHNER Chromatica 280, Larry Adler, Old Super 64;
Suzuki SCX – 64, Sirius – 64, Fabulous – 64. 

If you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact our Consumer Service team at 

It is recommended to spray a trace of alcohol on the wiping cloth and wipe the harmonica with that. 
Please bear in mind that: DO NOT spray alcohol directly on the cover or on the body. Excessive alcohol will cause the pigment to dissolve from the sandalwood and cause unexpected problems.