• Laelaps ONE + Hohner 280

Laelaps ONE

US $330

Cover Plates Thickness: 1mm
Materials: Brass
Finish: Gold, Chromium
Compatible Models:
– HOHNER Chromatica 280, Larry Adler, Old Super 64
– Suzuki SCX 64, Sirius 64, Fabulous 64

Available in 2 variations
– Gold-plated
– Chromium-plated

The Brighter, The Louder 音色厚實大聲

The Louder, The Brighter

Compatibility 通裝HOHNER和Suzuki


Laelaps ONE

The FIRST that covers BOTH.
Unparalleled design that makes one set of cover plates which fits both HOHNER and Suzuki 16-hole models. Concerning the airtightness, Laelaps ONE is designed to make adjustments to fit both brands. 
Nothing beats the perfect airtightness; 
Flexible hole design, precisely fit on the mouthpiece, minimal air leakage during the play. Increased volume, solidified colour tone. The increased thickness helps to improve the volume and solidify the tone colour. 

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