Shoujun Miura


Born on March 16, 1978, in Miura City, he began playing the trumpet during high school. In 2018, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 2018, after being moved by the performance of renowned Japanese chromatic harmonica player Rei Yamashita, he embarked on his journey with the instrument. He later studied under the guidance of Nobuo Tokunaga and Yasuo Watani.

In 2021, he clinched the third prize in the Chromatic Harmonica Solo (Jazz & Popular) division at the 13th West Japan Harmonica Contest. This success was followed by another third prize in the same category at the 41st FIH JAPAN Harmonica Contest in 2023. Additionally, he emerged victorious at the 14th Western Japan Harmonica Contest in 2023, claiming the Grand Prize in addition to securing first place in the Chromatic Solo (Classical) and Chromatic Solo (Jazz & Popular) divisions, as well as in the small ensemble category.

In December 2022, he released his debut mini-album, “Sono te wo” (that hand).

Shoujun Miura

User's Words

“I’ve been enjoying playing the harmonica more and more ever since I discovered Laelaps harmonica. Its warm and pleasing tone remains intact even in the trebles, making it a truly remarkable instrument. I particularly appreciate the wood’s texture, adding to its appeal. When I hold the instrument in my hand, it feels like an extension of myself. I’m truly grateful to Laelaps for enhancing my musical experience.”