Ming-Hsien Tsai


DMing is a Chromatic harmonica performer, a full-time harmonica teacher, as well as a Youtube Content creator for his channel: DMing Studio. His channel focuses on harmonica performance, teaching and maintenance. DMing also performs in Chromatic Harmonica, Tremolo Harmonica, Bass and Chord Harmonicas. Besides, he performed across Europe and Asia, conducted harmonica workshops and judged at international harmonica festivals. 

After purchasing his first Chromatic Harmonica in 2006, he began to learn to repair the instrument by himself. At first, it was purely to make the harmonica more suitable for his own performance needs. Later, he devoted himself to teaching full-time in 2013, where he faced various harmonica problems from students. Together with his years of experience in the harmonica performance and networking with harmonica players from all over the world, he decided to commit to harmonica making – Laelaps customised chromatic harmonica.


Founder's Words

“To make a harmonica to perform with me around the world was the starting point for me. In addition to good playability, I strive to make a harmonica that corresponds to each player’s playing style. With my  experience in playing various harmonicas and with adjustable options, we aim to give our players a comprehensive experience with Laelaps harmonicas.”