Long Deng Jie


300-word Biography

User's Words

“ I tried Laelaps harmonica for the first time in 2019 during the Seoul Harmonica Festival. This harmonica impressed me with its extreme airtightness and sonorous tone colour. I placed the order immediately without any hesitation. With pleasure, I became the first customer of Laelaps across the world! Undoubtedly, Laelaps is the best choice for performers, it can easily be controlled either for classical or jazz. Thank you Sirius Harmonica Ensemble for making this outstanding harmonica!

In May 2022, I got in touch with the new Laelaps ONE cover plates. It is a Silver-plated metallic cover plate. It enhances the high frequency yet retains the mellow tone, which attains a perfect balance between the volume and tone colour. The substantial increase in volume can be felt in the live performance. That gives a bigger dynamic range. ”