Chao-Teng Chang


Chao Teng is a Taiwanese young harmonica performer, maker and educator. Meanwhile, he runs a personal harmonica performance Youtube channel: CT Harmonica Music. He is the Chromatic Harmonica player of the Sirius Harmonica Ensemble, which triumphed in the Ensemble category at the 2017 World Harmonica Festival. Chao Teng has been invited to major international harmonica competitions as a judge and performer. He has performed in Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, etc.

He has played hundreds of harmonicas and similarly faced various problems with different harmonicas. He then accumulated extensive experience in maintenance and tuning. He deeply appreciates the importance of the quality of a harmonica in delivering a professional and world-class performance. However, the custom-made harmonicas on the market currently are expensive and difficult to procure.

Chao Teng Laelaps Maker

Founder's Words

“The worrying scenario is the lack of knowledge in buying a suitable harmonica. The common issue they realised was that most people do not know the right tone colour and harmonica characteristics that they want (need), let alone try the harmonica one by one before the purchase. Therefore, the Laelaps Harmonica was born. In addition to unique tone colour and great airtightness, it also provides customisable options such as gapping, slider hardness, etc.,”